Former DHS Police Officer Andrea Heath Dead

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Settlement of Retaliation Lawsuit Against City Was Scheduled

Desert Hot Springs Police Patch

CATHEDRAL CITY, CA – Former Desert Hot Springs police officer Andrea Danelle Heath died last night around 10:00 PM in her Cathedral City residence on Garbino Road, according to the Riverside County Coroner.

Sources inside the police department [names withheld] say Heath died of a gunshot to the head. The matter is under investigation by the Cathedral City police department.


Andrea Heath addressing DHS city council

Andrea Heath addressing DHS city council

Officer Heath, age 44 and survived by a 10 year old daughter, shared her Cathedral City residence with Desert Hot Springs police officer Jimmy Martin Henson. According to police department sources [names withheld] Henson was at home with Heath at the time of the incident.

Andrea Heath was involved with a variety of high profile internal matters regarding the Desert Hot Springs police department.

The Andrea Heath Lawsuit

A $5 million retaliation lawsuit initiated by Andrea Heath against the city of Desert Hot Springs has been winding its way through the courts.

That lawsuit identifying harassment and retaliation by city officials and former police chief Patrick Williams was withheld from Petaluma city council members prior to their 2012 hiring of Williams as their police chief, after his resignation from Desert Hot Springs. Former city attorney Ruben Duran was instrumental in the withholding of Heath’s lawsuit until after Williams’ hiring was officially confirmed as Petaluma Police Chief.

The 2011 investigation by the FBI of the Desert Hot Springs police department resulting in the conviction of Officer Anthony Sclafani for excessive use of force and his subsequent incarceration in the federal penitentiary was initiated by the whistle-blowing of Officer Heath and former Desert Hot Springs police chief Walt McKinney.

A recent decision by the 9th Court of Appeals just last week upheld whistle-blower protections afforded police officers such as Andrea Heath.

Andrea Heath Complaint

Andrea Heath Complaint

“We had a settlement conference scheduled tomorrow,” said Jerry Steering who is Heath’s attorney. Steering said her death made no sense since he talked with his client only yesterday and said she was not depressed.

“She got a new job with a delivery service,” said Steering. “Andrea was demoted, harassed and fired because she talked to the FBI. You know why she was blackballed by the police community? Because the DHS PD found her unfit for duty after she refused to work a shift with Sclafani. She was afraid he would whack her for her talking to the FBI.”

Anthony Sclafani is now serving four years for his conviction on two counts of civil rights violations.

Also relating to the FBI investigation initiated by Andrea Heath and concurrent to her Desert Hot Springs police service was Desert Hot Springs officer, David Henderson. Henderson was indicted along with Sclafani, plead guilty to a misdemeanor civil rights count and was sentenced to a year’s probation.

Police officer and Police Officer Association President Paul Tapia alleged much of the same complaints as that of Andrea Heath whose lawsuit against Desert Hot Springs names city officials, including former City Manager Rick Daniels and former Police Chief Patrick Williams.

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6 thoughts on “Former DHS Police Officer Andrea Heath Dead

  1. Injustice. The woman did what was right. It is frightening to get involved. Who do you trust? No officer in Palm Desert. No Sheriff in OC. Don’t deal with the DA. How do we get truth back in our government? I hope this investigating is done by impeccable people. Clean house in Palm Desert. Bad Cops can’t be peace officers.

  2. Not for 1 second do I believe Heath did this. She wouldn’t go through all she did to get to this point. And she wouldn’t leave her 10 year old. This is beyond terrible …this is what TV dramas are made from. Heartbreakimg :(

  3. Wow yet another victim of dhs. I worked with Andrea in that armpit of a city. All of the good cops and decent city employees that I worked with are gone now.
    Each one of us has our own hellish story to tell about harassment within the city.
    Its really a shame that she had to go to these measures especially with a young daughter.

  4. Rumor has it that Jimmy Henson will not talk to the FBI. Has not made a statement. How can this be? And now that DHS is without a PD chief again, he is stepping up to fill the gap, with a Sargent ranking. And Barney Fife (Paiz) by his side.

  5. Officer Andrea Heath was a dear friend of mine. We spent time together after she had given birth to her beautiful daughter. She planned her daughter, and loved her so much.
    If she didn’t want to live for herself, I know she wanted to live for her daughter.
    I know she did not like guns, and it is very, very rare that a woman who takes her life uses a gun.
    Andrea had been to Hell and back several times in her life. Andrea had gone through some extremely hard things in her life. Around me she never was angry, bitter, or depressed.
    Andrea always was so very calm, cool and collective, I was always amazed at that.
    Not for a New York minute do I believe she took her own life. I want the person or persons who took her to pay. I want to clear her name. I don’t want it out there that she took her own life, when she did not.
    My only hope is that if this was I, I hope that someone would help clear my name.
    Love You Andrea

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