Dean Gray LA press conference in Los Angeles with medical marijuana advocates and attorneys.

Lawsuit aims to pull the plug on Desert Hot Springs pot shops – ABC NEWS

There are new allegations of corruption against the city of Desert Hot Springs. “Official approval for medical marijuana dispensaries for the city of Desert Hot Springs was not under taken for support of local medical patients. Instead, a few people cheated for profit. That is unfair, illegal and un-American,” said former Planning Commissioner Gray.

Belmont Shore Long Beach beach bungalow

Belmont Shore Vacation Nightmare

We rented a vacation home in Belmont Shore for some rest and relaxation. The cute little bungalow just a block from the beach seemed perfect. Instead we discovered squatters occupying the home. Worse, one of the squatters was a sex offender. The Long Beach Police have not been helpful.

Desert Hot Springs City Seal

Minutes of Council and City Commissions Never Approved

It is not that there is an insufficient amount of people working for the city and it is not a situation where they are not paid enough. The law was violated. This is a situation where the city needs to replace incompetence with people who can add up to five.