Commissioner Jeff Bowman Out of Commission in Europe

Jeff Bowman enjoying a meal in Germany on September 14, 2014 according to Facebook post.

Attendance at meetings, however, is the Holy Grail that will get a commissioner or council member derailed. In Desert Hot Springs Jeff Bowman recently joined others out of commissions, off councils and removed from other government functions. However, Bowman objects to rules that a position becomes vacant if a member fails to attend three consecutive regular meetings. Continue Reading →

ALL Desert Hot Springs Crime Scene Evidence Compromised by Police


When crime scene evidence is mishandled or inappropriately stored the guilty can go free. It also means persons can be wrongly arrested and convicted. Evidence handled by the DHS PD has been improperly stored and mishandled. This has been going on for years according to FBI. Even if all these matters were corrected today that would not solve the problems of past mishandling of evidence. Mayor Adam Sanchez stands in the way of the solution.
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