Local Protest Against Commemorating 9/11

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Politically Motivated Tim Radigan-Brophy Protests Event as Politically Motivated

Small Group of 9-11 Protesters

Desert Vortex News

9/11 protesters

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – It was the only event in the city commemorating our nation’s 9/11 tragedy and celebrating American freedoms.

Veterans gathering Wednesday evening inside were joined with other concerned residents recognizing that horrible catastrophe and commemorating the sacrifice of victims with words and prayers.

A small group of protesters staged a protest outside the Miracle Springs Hotel attempting to discourage attendance while making disturbing remarks and disrupting attendance with an intimidating banner. It was a small irritation to those gathered inside for the two and a half hour event.

Celebrating Freedom

9-11 Protesters with Tim Brophy

Desert Vortex News

9-11 Protesters with Tim Brophy

“This is a day to celebrate our freedom,” said mayoral candidate Adam Sanchez who organized the event. “We can’t let a few people protesting outside stop us from honoring the victims of hate and intolerance. Those people are not what this city is all about.”

The small group of nine protesters picketing the event are affiliated with Mayor Parks’ re-election campaign. Their protest appeared entirely politically motivated by attempting to discredit councilman Adam Sanchez for holding this memorial event.

9-11 Commemoration Event

Desert Vortex News

Veteran speaking to assembly.

The apparent brains behind the protesters was Tim Radigan-Brophy, the colorful business partner of councilman Scott Matas. Matas is running for re-election on a slate along with council member Jan Pye and mayor Yvonne Parks. Council member Adam Sanchez is pitted against Parks in the November election.

Vets Offended by Tim Radigan-Brophy

Military veterans in attendance said they were offended and peacefully approached Radigan-Brophy’s group asking if his protesters were fellow veterans. None were veterans. The vets said they thought it inconsiderate of Radigan-Brophy and his protesters to try spoiling the 9/11 commemoration.

Adam Sanchez

Desert Vortex News

Councilman Adam Sanchez, candidate for mayor

The event began with a spirited invocation by local Reverend Propes. This was followed by a moving account of one local veteran recounting his military journey, his combat wounds and challenges adapting to civilian life.

At the solemn event program speakers recited articles written by children about the values of American citizenship. Betty Baily won accolades with her stirring personal affirmation of what American freedoms meant to her.

Richard Fin, an Iraqi War vet, entertained with an impressive acoustic guitar rendition of his own composition, “Soldier’s Song.” Veterans spoke of their service to our country, the sacrifice of nearly 3,000 people lost to 9/11 terrorism, and why they were proud to have chosen military service to protect our freedoms.

Also stepping forward was former Desert Hot Springs police officer Paul Tapia, a 20- year military veteran who saw service in all the Gulf Wars. Tapia reminded us that the planes used by the 9/11 terrorists were all destined for Los Angeles and that we are never far from the war on terror. As an accredited teacher with experience working our city streets, Tapia also reminded us all of the importance of mentoring youth.

The assembly of protesters became camera shy when approached, turning their heads away in denial that they were identifying themselves in public and were stingy with an explanation. “We are not protesting anything,” said one protester holding the protest sign.

One protester deeply involved in local politics remained tight lipped but dressed in a manner to visually stand out from everyone else.

Spotlight on Tim Radigan-Brophy

Tim Radigan-Brophy was characteristically costumed in another colorful ensemble, perhaps to call attention to his leadership role in the 9/11 protest. Radigan-Brophy continues generating momentum as a formidable political force, not so much due to victorious achievements benefiting the community but for costing city residents money.

Tim Radigan Brophy

Desert Vortex News

Tim Radigan-Brophy

Tim Radigan-Brophy’s first foray into politics launched a petition drive against the Mission Springs Water District causing water bills to go up for district customers in order to pay for more than $300,000 in legal fees due to his petition.

Tim Radigan-Brophy was appointed by Councilman Scott Matas to lead the city’s economic development committee. Radigan-Brophy operates a dry cleaning business with Matas as his business partner. Radigan-Brophy also operates a property management company.

Despite the fact Tim Brophy-Brophy enjoys attending Las Vegas conventions representing the city, economic development of the city has lagged since he took over the committee assignment. Apparently unsatisfied, Radigan-Brophy has joined the city finance committee while making waves elsewhere in the city.

Allegedly, Tim Brophy-Brophy recently took an adversarial position attempting to change the by-laws of the Paradise Springs development in order to lower the homeowner association fees for properties he represents.

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14 thoughts on “Local Protest Against Commemorating 9/11

  1. Little Timmy is afraid that when Adam is elected he won’t be able to get his free trips to Vegas and other city kick backs. Thanks to his business partner Scott Matas. Talk about a conflict of interest. I hope the voters wise up to what Scott and Yvonne are doing for their friends at the city’s expense.

  2. Mayor Parks, Scott Matas & Jan Paye ? They have set their own fate here in DHS. From what I’ve seen on TV with the city council mettings and the people voicing their opinion ? It truly says it all. All 3 of them will go down kicking and screaming all the way OUT the door. They dug their own grave and now they have to lay in it. Once their gone this city will move forward in a real positive way finally. These 3 people are actually the SCUM of the city and the people are finally seeing right through their lies and corruption. I’m so glad I’m a resident here to be a part of this transformation DHS is going through. This is a beautiful city with impeccable mountain views like no other here in this valley.

  3. Everyone of those people protesting a 9-11 ceremony should be ashamed of themselves. If they don’t like the USA then maybe they will be happier living in one of the countries that celebrated on the day all those innocent American lives were lost. This is so infuriating!!! If Mayor Park election people were responsible for these misguided ingrates like you say then she needs to issue a public apology. So disgusting I can hardly contain myself as I write this.

  4. Someone cooked up a stupid idea to protest the 911 event put on by Sanchez and convinced themselves and a few other people it was a good idea. They grinned when they picked up the expensive banner they bought. You can just hear them saying “This is going to be so good!” The question is at what point did they realize they looked like fools. My guess is when the vets approached them and asked if any of them were vets. “No, we are not vets but we know some.” Recess is over children!

  5. If the fundraiser was for the Verterans and meant to be commemerative than is should of been in the name of current election. With Adams sign at the podium displaying his name and position he seeks and his name all over the flyers it truly was a act of disrespect. I understand some were offended by the protesters but we are furtunate to have people stand up for what they feel is right and its too bad there weren’t more protesters amongst the 9. That money raised that night was intended for Adam’s campaign, using 9/11 as heartstrings to pull in a crowd, that’s just wrong!

    • Betty,
      It was no act of disrespect to hold an event commemorating the September 11 attacks on our country. The program was very well organized with some very good speakers. The young vet talking about how he is adjusting to civilian life after some very harrowing service was the highlight of the evening. I was very moved by his talk.

      It sounds like you are trying to make political hay for the Yvonne Parks campaign, which is exactly what you are making a commotion about. You were doing on September 11 what you say is so objectionable. Your logic falls flat. You and the other Parks campaign people were out front of the hotel engaging in campaign politics on September 11.

      I personally don’t find September 11 to be a day when we should drop our routine. As Americans we should not interrupt our routines on this day. To do so is to hand the terrorists exactly what they want. We remember September 11, we pay tribute but we do not cower and hide.

      • Mary,
        Please learn reading comprehension before attacking someone. Betty stated “With Adams sign at the podium displaying his name and position he seeks and his name all over the flyers it truly was a act of disrespect.” This does not mean holding the event is a sign of disrespect. I agree with Betty’s first two sentences.

      • Mary,

        No disrespect to yourself but I was no where near the protest just a person with a view point. The podium should be used for the commemorating not campaigning so although I was not there I agree with the protesters and the reason they were there. There were no other political campaigns running a celebration for their personal campaign on 9/11 in New York most politician don’t speak on this day unless advised out of respect of the day.
        I have no “hay” as you say to either parties.

        • You said it. You were not there so you do not know. Plus, those people out front were not protesters. How stupid do you think people are?! It was Tim Brophy. Are you saying that is not him in the picture! Give me a break. For people who don’t know who Tim Brophy is he is part of the Parks, Matas, Pye election campaign and this so obvious so called protest was nothing more than a trumped up political stunt to try and make Adam Sanchez look bad. Something else. He is also Scott Matas business partner and somebody needs to investigate that one. There is something to protest. Another developer getting cozy with a dumb ass council member. Can you say Palmwood? Matas was all in love with that guy too. Well the stupid fake protesters have been shown for who they are. Adam put on a wonderful program for 9/11 and if you had gone inside where you were welcome you will see this for fact. I was really proud our city had something like this and you are darn right I am going to vote for Adam!

  6. And Mr. Grey you should of worked for the Enquirer or another smut magazine you certainly are talented in your writings, with the ability to stretch the truth. As if this blog is your personal Ad Libs with the main text written out for you and you fill in the blanks!

    • Betty, please get the name right. It is Gray.
      you should of worked…that should read you should have worked.
      Verterans… that would be Veterans.
      You seem confused, in my opinion.

  7. I attended the 9/11 event, and it was moving and patriotic. It was the only such event in Desert Hot Springs, and I am grateful to Adam Sanchez for organizing it.
    Tim Brophy attempted to have the Paradise Springs HOA CC&Rs secretly amended in an attempt to ELIMINATE—not reduce—the monthly HOA dues for his client, investor Eddie Verdugo. This is a fact—not an allegation—that has been discussed openly at several HOA meetings, including a contentious town hall meeting orchestrated by Brophy. It was only when his plan was exposed that a stop was put to it by a majority of the homeowners, leaving a bitterly divided community. Whether it is suing the water district, protesting a 9/11 memorial, or pitting neighbor vs. neighbor, Brophy has left his mark on DHS.

  8. Brophy should be on the “do not allow” political list. If this “colorful” little man gets in it will just keep this city on the path to obscurity. He’s a self-important little man who puts people off whenever he opens his mouth. He only looks after his friends with money and if he has to step on the backs of everyone else, it’s no matter to him. Let’s hope when Mr Sanchez takes the mayor’s office that will be the end of Tim Brophy’s political aspirations.

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