Everything to Know About Bankrupt Desert Hot Springs and Needles California City Manager Rick Daniels

The Amazing Leadership of Richard A Daniels

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Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels

Rick Daniels resigned his job as Desert Hot Springs’ city manager in August of 2013 to take the job as city manager in Needles, California.

After he left Desert Hot Springs that city council declared a fiscal emergency after discovering that the spending of Rick Daniels put the city on the edge of bankruptcy. Rick Daniels made the announcement at the March 3, 2014 Needles city council that Needles would be out of cash and bankrupt by 2015.

Let’s start in the beginning…

After working in trash and government business up in Oregon, Richard Allen Daniels (AKA “Rick”) arrived in the Coachella Valley over a decade ago to put his college geography degree to work.

He knew his maps. He knew government and he knew trash. So Rick Daniels concocted a brilliant plan to bring trainloads of trash from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley, dumping it at Joshua Tree National Park. This became known as the Rick Daniels Trash Train Plan.

After Rick Daniels’ plan got bogged down with environmental problems, and before it was stopped by federal courts, Daniels went to work as head of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership, a friendly group of banking, government and media leaders.

Desert Hot Springs Leadership

Having proven his leadership ability by hosting luncheons and dinners, Rick Daniels decided the high life of a rich bureaucrat was for him.

Still feeling that hunger of ambition, after only eight months on that job Rick Daniels quit and advanced to the top job at the Salton Sea Authority…  and a pay raise!

A year and a half later and unable to solve the dilemma of the stinky sea Rick Daniels was hired as city manager for the poor town of Desert Hot Springs…  with another pay raise!

Personal and Life Experience

Armed with a million dollar contract the new and inexperienced city manager went to work for the city and headed back to college to get his masters degree in public administration.  Three years later, with Rick Daniels stuck in rehab for alcoholism, city attorney Ruben Duran negotiated Rick Daniels a three-year contract extension for another million dollars.

City manager Rick Daniels is the winning personality and innovative brains behind every money losing gamble with city money including the infamous Jewish Temple Fiasco, the Music Festival Scandal, trying to worm out of the Karl Baker/Peter Chryss Troubles, slipshod RDA Goofs and much more costing the city millions.  That money could have been used and should have been used to improve public safety and quality of life.

This sobering account is the legacy of the city manager and this is what welcomes tourists to the city.

Needles Leadership

Now he is gone and no longer the problem of Desert Hot Springs as he is now the problem for Needles, California, with a pay raise! On March 3 City Manager Rick Daniels announced that the city of Needles will be bankrupt by 2015.

Timeline Success

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Needles Next California City Flirting With Insolvency       3/5/14

Complaint and Report Concluding Rick Daniels Did Not Suffer Bullying and Was Not Harassed

Rick Daniels’ Workplace Harassment Complaint PDF
Investigator’s Report to Desert Hot Springs City Council PDF
Retention agreement for Investigator Nikki Hall PDF

Needles, California

Rick Daniels’ City Manager Contract PDF

Welcomes Tourists and Boosting Tourism

Personal website Desert Hot Springs Rick Daniels (now removed)
Second personal website City Manager Rick Daniels (now removed)
Third personal website Rick Daniels Website (now removed)
Rick Daniels LinkedIn Profile
Rick Daniels Facebook Profile
Rick Daniels Google Plus Profile
Rick Daniels First Twitter Profile
Rick Daniels second Twitter Profile is locked and unavailable to the public

Community Involvement

United Way
Visiting Palm Springs
Visiting Desert Hot Springs
Visiting Los Angeles
Visiting Las Vegas
Visiting America
Visiting Earth
Visiting Universe
California University
Citizens Fighting Crime
City Government
Graffiti Reduction
Local Aesthetics

Press Release

Rick Daniels: How to Revitalize Local Economies as Shopping Malls Weaken
Rick Daniels Celebrates Decrease in California Hate Crime Rate


Rick Daniels Explains City of Needles Economic Development on YouTube

Richard A Daniels, inc.

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