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Turning A Failed Economic Development Scheme Around – Fixing the Rudy Acosta Plan

Art Gallery

“We need to do something to jump-start businesses in the city,” said Paula Terifaj, chairperson of the city’s Community and Cultural Affairs Commission. “Something has to be done to get businesses in there,” said Heather Coladonato, CEO of the city’s Chamber of Commerce. “All these buildings are perfect for art galleries,” said Robert Ballantyne. “Our local businesses need help and its time to get the ball rolling,” said Pamela Berry, president of the Desert Hot Springs Merchant Association. Continue Reading →

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Pete Chryss Trial Begins April 7 – Touching Public Officials Rick Daniels, Scott Matas, Jan Pye and Karl Baker

Chryss Home Automation website

The long awaited trial of Peter Paul Chryssikos Jr. involves two cities, public officials and city manager plus a million dollar lawsuit against news media. Attorneys Dave Baron and John Patrick Dolan are tangled in the web along with Rick Daniels, council members Scott Matas, Jan Pye and Karl Baker. The violation is a misdemeanor usually solved with payment of a small fine and an agreement not to continue violating the law. Not this case. Continue Reading →

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The Desert Hot Springs Bankrupt News Story

Welcome to Desert Hot Springs

The city is inching back from the brink of bankruptcy with spending cuts and a new city council majority dedicated to fiscal accountability. While not everyone got the story right, the perception of the world has rested on the idea of the city undergoing bankruptcy, even though the city has not declared itself bankrupt. Continue Reading →

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Needles Next California City Flirting With Bankruptcy

Rick Daniels Party Protesters

The Needles city council was speechless when informed by its city manager that it will burn through all its reserves and be out of cash within the year. When hired in Needles, Rick Daniels was billed as a economic turn-around city manager capable of working magic to reverse the city’s dying economic base. Daniels is near universally now recognized in Desert Hot Springs as having spent the city to the brink of bankruptcy. Continue Reading →

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Objecting to 5 Hour Bus Ride for Education at College Of the Desert

Sunline Transit Bus

Long stuck at the back of the bus by a general lack of support from public agencies is motivating Desert Hot Springs to plead for change. Students are enduring difficulties securing discounted bus passes. Citizens advocating solutions brought this to the attention of Sunline Transit and the College Foundation and achieved some success. Continue Reading →

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Walmart To Oppose Public Safety

A rare photo of Chris Lucker at a political fund raising event. Shown with Desert Hot Springs mayor Yvonne Parks.

Beverly Hills lobbyist Chris Lucker said that Walmart – his client – will likely oppose a public safety tax in Desert Hot Springs intended to support police and fire fighters. Lucker’s plan is to confuse voters. The truth is that this is a tax on vacant land not affecting homeowners, renters or local businesses. Councilman Scott Matas expressed uncertainty about supporting public safety. Continue Reading →

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Yvonne Parks and Alex Bias Rejected Again

Former mayor Yvonne Parks

Two highly controversial former mayors – one who brought the city to the edge of bankruptcy and another who brought the city bad publicity were hoping for another chance to regain power. Getting appointed to the school board would have anointed former Yvonne Parks without the risk of her losing another election. Like Parks, former mayor Alex Bias also carried baggage. The former mayor’s wife robbed the Bank of America in Palm Springs. Continue Reading →

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Living Waters Spa Delivers Natural Hot Mineral Waters Au Natural in Spa City

Living Waters Spa

Clothing optional has become a marketing trend in upscale resorts popping up across America. For a growing number of resort goers, the option of checking their clothes at the door has become an attractive way to relax and retreat. In the Spa City of Desert Hot Springs living life Au natural is not about sex. Continue Reading →

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Walter Luce to Develop and Sell The Foothills of DHS

Walter Luce

Today another hillside in Desert Hot Springs is in the sights of Walter Luce. This time it’s a project named The Foothills being floated by this experienced developer who is an author of fiction. We examine the history of some troubled developments in the city. By the way, this project has even gone before any planning commissions. Much less the city council itself. So far. Continue Reading →

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