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Content is King for Online Viewers and Raspberry Club Achievers

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – The annual Vortex Award and admission to the Raspberry Club are still three months away.

Desert Hot Springs City Council Mayor Yvonne Parks

Yvonne Parks

Although still a contender with the power to swoop in for a fourth quarter win, Yvonne Parks has a long row to hoe. Former city manager Rick Daniels remains in front with a strong lead due to his Vortex Q Rating accelerated by a bewildering display of colorfully attractive feature articles.

Last year’s inaugural winner Ruben Duran is not in the running this year. And 2013 appears to be the final year for Rick Daniels’ eligibility, as he has abandoned Desert Hot Springs with a trade to Needles, California. With only three more months to go before the awards are announced in our end of the year wrap up it appears unlikely anyone could catch up to Rick Daniels lead as a plethora of our 2013 news articles featured the big guy.

Ruben Duran

Ruben Duran

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Michael Crosby or Michael Krzyzaniak

Michael Crosby or Michael Krzyzaniak

In all the Coachella Valley, possibly in all of California, there may be no better fishing hole for news worthy, interesting and amusing subject matter comparable to the little windy city of Desert Hot Springs.

Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke

Yet with the departures of characters such as Jerry Hanson, Ruben Duran, Anthony Sclafani, Karl Baker, Tony Clarke, Jackie Devereaux, Jason Simpson, Michael Crosby, Pat Williams, Brian Bescoby and now Rick Daniels, the city is bereft in a difficult situation, flummoxed and moving towards a more dry, if not confoundingly boring, city of residence and destination.

George Fisher and Dot Reed

City Manager Rick Daniels and Dot Reed

Rick Daniels and Dot Reed

Still, the content hungry can always count on perennial favorites Yvonne Parks with her team of Scott Matas and Jan Pye for their always tasty additions for perking up our peanut gallery of viewers loyal to Desert Vortex News.

As an added bonus, we are grateful that George Fisher and Dot Reed can eternally be counted upon for their always remarkable contributions. These two Desert Hot Springs Community and Cultural Affairs Commission Commissioners are now neck to neck in the heat of competition.

George Fisher, CCAC

George Fisher

With our Vortex Awards still three months away, who can predict the final outcome? Some say George Fisher has a wild card opportunity for honorable mention due to his nasty garage dungeon.

Former councilman Karl Baker

Karl Baker

Mostly due to her notoriously sweet brownies, Dot Reed’s impressive baking skills have proven to possess the surprisingly magical ability to distract a few members of the public from noting her frequently sour and offensive city council meeting comments.

One weakness of George Fisher is that we have never tasted his brownies or even his cookies. On the other hand, Dot Reed is not a military veteran, as far as we can determine.

Palm Springs Scores!

In the entire Coachella Valley only one other city – Palm Springs – has scored with points on the board. Yet, Reno Fontana and Laurie Whittier missing the threshold date for filing an appeal on the court’s decision regarding the Elvis Presley estate on Chino Canyon may signal the end for that particularly affable story line.

Enough beating our drum with different beats. With over 200 original articles published so far this year it is pleasure to share how our readers voted by the measurement of their unique views. So without further ado, presenting our third quarter scorecard listing the unique views for each article in what is turning out to be a very interesting competition for this year’s bevy of awards.

#1 News Website Rises in Ratings to #3 in Coachella Valley and Palm Springs Region 2,381 views

#2 Skyborne Mine Starts Up Without Permits 2,024 views

#3 Trial Over for Elvis Presley Palm Springs Home 1,918 views

#4 Elvis Left The Building And So Has Reno Fontana 1,803 views

#5 City Manager Launches Third Personal Website 1,782 views

#6 Jefferson Airplane Drummer Joey Covington Crashes and Passes in Palm Springs Accident 1,781 views

#7 Alarm Contractor Arraigned 1,755 views

#8 City Seeks New City Manager 1,653 views

#9 Finance Committee Discusses State of City Finances – transcript of meeting 1,430 views

#10 Convict Tied to Mayor Yvonne Parks Escapes 1,417 views

Total unique views for these ten articles equals 17,944.

There is certainly considerable diversity in our readers’ selection. While our critics are sure to call this shameless self-promotion, let’s be completely honest. This IS shameless self-promotion.

Be sure to vote with your eyeballs for your favorite candidate for the 2013 Desert Vortex Awards and entry to the Raspberry Club.

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