City Manager Rick Daniels Goodbye Party Crashed

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Protesters Not Welcomed

Rick Daniels Party

Desert Vortex News

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA – A going away reception party honoring the man a local newspaper called “the most divisive person in the Coachella Valley” was marked by well-wishers and protesters.

Some of those attending Saturday night’s posh event were toasting Rick Daniels who once more proved he can draw a crowd. It was a crowd of the well-to-do who showed up to hobnob for a $100 a plate dinner honoring Rick Daniels and dubbed as a fundraiser for the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce.

The wealthy and influential left their cars to valet parking at Fleming’s Restaurant at the River in Rancho Mirage. Outside the exclusive steakhouse they were greeted by protesters taking pictures documenting who exactly was supporting a man they say left their city drained of all money and broke.

Rick Daniels Party

Desert Vortex News

The protesters could not be counted among the wealthy and Illuminati of Rancho Mirage but drove twenty miles from home Desert Hot Springs and offered a contrasting story of Rick Daniels. They expressed problems their former city manager created with signs like one that read, “Money Gone, Daniels Gone. He sucked the city dry.” Another said “Needles, He’s your problem now” in reference of a city manager position Rick Daniels took in Needles, California. Daniels served for six years as Desert Hot Springs city manager before resigning in April of 2013, six months before his contract expired.

Daniels resigned before the release of September 24th report from the city finance committee acknowledging the city suffering a financial crisis. Just prior to his departure Daniels presented a city budget exhausting all $4 million remaining in city reserves.

Traveling 160 miles to attend the fine function, Needles city council members Linda Kidd and Jim Lopez expressed their confidence in supporting Rick Daniels in the new position they are handsomely paying him for.

Not Celebrities

Rick Daniels Party

Desert Vortex News

Shoppers at the River were curious and mystified about the presence of what appeared to be photographers hunting the famous.

“Are you here taking pictures of celebrities,” was a frequent question.

“Nope, it’s just a bunch of local politicians,” was the answer.

Estimated attendance at the event was 100 people, including Mayor Yvonne Parks who took the occasion to get into a shouting match with the protesters once she realized their presence.

Run Out by Mayor Parks

Popping her head through a small glass window in a wall that divided the waiting area of the restaurant and the room where the party was being held, Parks yelled, “You are not welcome here” and “Get out.”

It appears Parks was correct. After Parks escalated what had been a quiet protest into a shouting match, the protesters were greeted by eight security personnel who told them they would have to leave. As the three made no resistance and obliged by heading for the exit, the restaurant manager then took it upon himself to physically push one protester out the door.

The protesters simply walked away, leaving those inside to enjoy the party. Two patrol cars of Riverside County Sheriffs were dispatched to the scene for much ado about nothing as upon their arrival at The River the protesters had all gone quietly home.

Those in attendance at the Rick Daniels Party move in the highest circles of Valley power and influence and able to pay $100 for a dinner that costs no more than $20 on the menu. Working silently in the back of meeting rooms, their mere presence affects affairs of government policy, directs the local economy and defines the region’s future outside the open democratic process.

The event was all for a good cause, and for the legacy of Rick Daniels noteworthy enough to keep the door wedged open for his eventual return to the Coachella Valley political scene.

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Dean is a Master Carpenter and the author of the biography of Hilda M Gray, desert homesteader. He served as Planning Commissioner for the city of Desert Hot Springs from January 2014 to January 2015 when he resigned.

Dean M Gray is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors and lives in Palm Desert, California.
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6 thoughts on “City Manager Rick Daniels Goodbye Party Crashed

  1. Well, now he is really gone and we will not be seeing much more of him here anymore. But I really like the part about Madame Parks shouting at the protesters. I am willing to bet that when she is not voted in as Mayor again that she will hold a tantrum and start yelling at people who attend the council meetings for not voting for her. Way to go Parks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Way to go Parks and her true self shouting when she dose not get her way,when she leaves wonder where her dinner will he held Taco bell
    Shame on the chamber” Keeping business in town” then going out side the city for there dinner what a slap in the face for local merchants

  3. Its truly amazing to me that all you have to do is spend your days discrediting others. Why don’t you put in for city manager! Hell Daniels resume was weaker than what you claim to have done in your life. “GRAY FOR CITY MANAGER”!! Its only obvious that ANYBODY can do it. All you need is tolerance for the Stooges on the city council is all. He claimed fame for the streets, maybe you can find the squandered money for sidewalks in this city. THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR 20 TIMES OVER!! Help the poor that walk! They will love you.

  4. Dear Mr. Whatever,
    Rick Daniels discredited himself. He did not need anybody to point discredit him. He did it all on his own. Dean Gray is just making sure everyone knows about it. Now, quit playing on the computer and go take out the trash like I told you to do an hour ago.

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