Mayor Yvonne Parks Lobbies for County Jail in Her City

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Incarceration As Economic Development

Mayor Yvonne Parks

Mayor Yvonne Parks

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA –Building a regional jail at the entrance to the resort cities of the Coachella Valley was universally opposed by business and community interests who pointed out a proposed jail was not good for business and tourism. A city mayor that does not agree is suggesting the jail should be built in her city.

At a recent candidate interview before the editorial board of The Desert Sun, Desert Hot Springs Mayor Yvonne Parks generated astonishment when she resurrected and endorsed the idea to build the 7,200 bed facility once proposed for Whitewater in Desert Hot Springs.

Mayor challenger John-Paul Valdez, also in attendance at the interview, expressed his indignation at her suggestion.

Councilman Adam Sanchez, also in attendance at the interview, said he views a correctional facility in the city as creating a negative image for the city and he does not support the idea.

Parks, Sanchez and Valdez are locked in a three way race for Mayor.

Old Idea Rejected

Moving the 7,200 bed regional jail to Desert Hot Springs was first floated by former City Manager Rick Daniels two years ago when debate over the project’s impact so consumed Palm Springs politics that it swept Palm Springs Councilman Paul Lewin into a council seat and divided County supervisors.

Lewin nearly single handily carried forward the position that building the facility at Whitewater, a strategic tourism gateway to the greater Palm Springs area, would be ruinous to hoteliers, restaurants and the Valley’s image.

Lewin pointed out and the business and tourism industry universally agreed that a jail, especially one that will be a long-term correctional facility, will forever negatively brand Palm Springs, countering the millions spent on marketing the resort destination. Desert Hot Springs hoteliers took the same view.

Palm Springs Prison

Riverside County JailHeadlines could not be avoided that woul mention a Palm Springs Prison every time a newspaper reported about someone awaiting trial or serving their sentence at the facility. It is a problem Indio has faced for years with the Larson Justice Center in its jurisdiction.

Just a few years ago Desert Hot Springs was swept of criminals, putting a big dent in crime. The proposal by Parks would be to build thousands of beds in her city to house those very same types of criminals.

It’s About Jobs?

While it appears her announcement was intended to win her the endorsement of the The Desert Sun editorial board, it is a confounding position to take in the middle of an election campaign. Her position was an attempt at economic development.

What Parks failed to mention in floating the idea is that that there is no means to mandate that locally employed prison guards to live in any particular city. Parks sees the prison – she calls it a jail – as a way to generate high paying guard jobs in her city.

But as Lewin pointed out during the heated debate three years ago, the last place prison guards want to live is in a city where the prison they work is located.

There is a reason for that, said Lewin. Families with incarcerated family members move near the jail to be closer on visiting day. Those families, almost always of very limited income, seek out communities with the lowest housing costs in the area. That’s Desert Hot Springs.

So far the Whitewater proposal is going nowhere. Riverside County Supervisors realized that the expense to build a hub jail as the Whitewater facility was envisioned would limit the ability to build much needed additional beds any time soon. Estimates are that 10,000 beds are needed in the next 15 years.

Over the last three years instead of piling money into the Whitewater facility, the Supervisors began construction to expand jail bed space at existing facilities.

Jail or Shopping Mall

Faced with what to do with land in Whitewater the Supervisors specifically purchased for the facility, Supervisors hired an outside consultant to again evaluate the hub jail concept and specifically how that approach fits into the long-range public safety plans, according to The Desert Sun.

In separate meetings, however, those Supervisors are also looking at alternative plans for the real estate that has seen significant new commercial interest, most notably a major expansion of the Outlet Mall near the site.

As a campaign election issue, Yvonne Parks’ idea of a prison for Desert Hot Springs seems not to escaped any farther than inside of The Desert Sun building where Parks expressed support for the idea. Her support was in response to a question asked by the editorial board, a meeting that was recorded.

So far, Yvonne Parks is the only candidate in the election to support building a long term county corrections facility in Desert Hot Springs.

One thing is certain. Should Mayor Parks succeed in changing the proposed location, if Lewin and tourism industry experts are correct, the project would no longer be referred to as the Whitewater Regional Correction Facility but as the Desert Hot Springs Regional Correction Facility.

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8 thoughts on “Mayor Yvonne Parks Lobbies for County Jail in Her City

  1. This is one time I agree with Parks (excuse me while I vomit). LA and San Diego both have large jails and the realestate around them have million dollar residential condo buildings. It can only increase the demand for homes here bring my house back above what I paid for it. Prison guards are union and make good money unlike the service industry which pays only minimum wages. So I say build now.

    • Chris,
      I would agree with you if Desert Hot Springs was a city the size of San Diego. We could absorb it without the negative impact. I lived in a small town that had a prison and it did not bring jobs. The guards that made good money got as far away from that place as they could at quitting time and it did bring families of inmates to live in town. A constant problem was the added burden on the town police which was many more domestic type calls. It is a bad idea.

  2. If she were to be the first person to be put there, I also agree. Then the rest of her so called friends would follow suit. To put Karl Baker there would be a shame. To close to home for him. Maybe put him in Pelican Island where he belongs.
    We don’t need a prison here. We need some new shopping stores and new business to keep DHS alive.
    By the way, has anyone asked Parks about her website that was created by a person who does not live here in DHS. Why cant she use the businesses here in DHS for her website instead of going out of town. It is a company in Palm Springs and that is NOT Desert Hot Springs.
    Anyway, no to a prison and yes for Parks to be the first one there and no to Parks and her group for reelected into office. WE NEED A BIG CHANGE HERE AND IT IS COMING.

  3. Parks should be the first one in there not to visit but stay ,but not to worry she wont be in power much longer she will be relegated to a has been , like Ex Councilman Baker a one time flash in the Pan has been ,and next year he will be off The bug board gone for good,come speaking of that i have never seen him report any thing of the board ,on the board ,but just take the money he gets from attending how nice of him to suck of the public purse still
    Mr Mathis will be looking for things to do after the election ,Ups will be hiring seasonal workers again wonder is he has applied yet not to late
    Vote and remove Parks Pye and Mathis and move forward with out them

  4. You have GOT to be kidding? Yvonne Parks wants a prison in DHS? A couple of years ago there was a big sweep to get the criminals out of town – now she wants to bring many many more into DHS – NO! No! No!………..Sure hope the voters vote her OUT of office and no one is stupid enough to ever let her hold an office again………….Shame on you Yvonne – you are only looking out for yourself not this lovely little town so in need of shops and GOOD people!!!

  5. Indio has a jail 2 blocks from in it’s downtown and the jail is expanding. Doesn’t seem to be a problem there. There’s businesses all around and thriving. The date farm visitor center building is right down the street. The carnival is 2 blocks away. The COD campus is being built downtown. People hop on and off the bus right in front of the justice center. Coachella Fest and Stagecoach Fest is a few miles from the jail and it’s expanding. Neighborhoods are nearby the jail. The jail has had no negative impact other than more traffic, which is the same thing that was created when Wal-Mart and the auto malls were built in La Quinta on 111. People in DHS are worried about a jail 10 miles away? Get a grip.

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