California City Manager Endorsed by Convicted Felon

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Rick Daniels needed support from odd places – Peter Chryssikos one of Endorsers Eight

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – The last and final name to join a small list of endorsements is one well known to local law enforcement. His public support of a former city manager and a councilman continues validating him as a public figure keeping his hand in politics; but not exactly the kind of endorsement a job applicant wants.

While vanity is not enigmatic for a certain type of criminal, his true background was kept secret as he wrote to Needles city council members to endorse Rick Daniels for the job of city manager there.

Endorsement Eight
Top Row (left to right) Karl Baker, Russ Martin, Peter Chryssikos, Scott Matas. Bottom Row (left to right) Tom Kirk, Arden Wallum, George Fisher, John Soulliere

The eighth member of the Endorsers Eight is convicted felon Peter Chryssikos [aka Pete Chryss]. His endorsement joins others: Russ Martin, Mission Springs Water District trustee; Arden Wallum, MSWD General Manager; John Soulliere, MSWD Administrative Assistant; Tom Kirk, CVAG CEO; Scott Matas, DHS council member; George Fisher, chairperson of the city’s Community and Cultural Affairs Commission; and former Desert Hot Springs councilman Karl Baker as the Endorsers Eight.

Court Appointments

Peter Chryssikos was convicted of felony fraud in 2009 and is facing new charges currently under indictment by the Riverside County District Attorney on five counts relating to work as an unlicensed contractor and fraudulent use of another contractor’s license. That court date is October 8, 2013 at the Larson Justice Center in Indio.

In addition, Chryssikos faces two other actions in small claims court. Two individuals are alleging he installed home alarms as an unlicensed alarm contractor and after being installed discovered their alarms were not actually being monitored. Chryssikos initially requested a delay. However, the court denied that “because the request did not include a good reason for the postponement.” His next court date is Friday, September 8.

If it seems odd that Chryssikos by himself has no provenience, Chyssikos represented himself anonymously as “a local group of business owners and local civilian leaders” under the name “The People,” the latest alias used by Chryssikos. As the alarm contractor Chyssikos went by the name Pete Chryss.

Chryssikos manages a website he calls True Friends of DHS. Through his website he claims he is connected to community leaders and political associates and weighs in on public issues to further enhance his status as a public political voice.

Voice of “The People”

Tim Radigan Brophy

Desert Vortex News

Tim Radigan-Brophy

So enchanted has Chryssikos become over his new found self-proclaimed status as a voice for “The People” that at one recent city council meeting he made himself comfortable at the table used by journalists in the back of the room, seating himself next to Erica Felci, political insider reporter for The Desert Sun.

Just a few months ago, the Chryssikos website announced an association with Tim Radigan-Brophy, the business partner of councilman Scott Matas. Radigan-Brophy was appointed by Matas to head the city’s economic development committee. Ties to other city leaders date back several years.

Another Karl Baker Connection

At the core, Chryssikos is associated with his longtime roommate of Karl Baker. Chryssikos served as campaign manager for Karl Baker’s 2011 election. Baker lost. More critically, they have been in each other’s pockets with payments from city contracts made to Chryssikos being deposited into the personal bank account of the councilman.

Chryssikos represented or owned alarm businesses under three names having contracts with the city of Desert Hot Springs and the city of Indio, besides private citizens.

According to the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services [the state licensing agency for alarm businesses] they are frustrated about Chryssikos operating under a variety of business names, all unlicensed. Chryssikos even made the BSIS most wanted Twitter list.

Peter Chryssikos

Peter Chryssikos; not invisible

Stopping Chryssikos and prosecuting him for operating as an unlicensed contractor has been a longtime objective according for officials of the State Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractor’s License Bureau.

The true extent of the “local group of business owners and local civilian leaders” Chryssikos represents is a fabrication known only to himself, as there is no way to verify all the business names Chryssikos operates under.

“We shut him down from doing from business under one name then he just puts up a new business name and keeps on doing business,” said a representative from the Contractor’s License Board. “It’s now all up to the District Attorney.”

California state licensing officials admit Chryssikos is really good at what he does. After all, his felony conviction was for committing fraud and he has avoided prosecution for a number of years.

The endorsement of Rick Daniels by Peter Chryssikos is the type of flowery prose any ass-kissing sycophant enjoys most. Chryssikos cited a “multitude of fond memories” he shared with Daniels. It is unknown if that reference is to city contracts Daniels approved for the unlicensed contractor or a $6,000 home theater system Chryssikos installed in Daniels’ home.

Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels and Peter Chryss

Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels (left) enjoys a laugh with Pete Chryss.

Chryssikos Advising Needles City Leaders

Without listing Daniels’ “stellar accomplishments” Chryssikos writes he is satisfied the Needles city council is aware of the former city manager’s “pedigree.”

Knowing the needs and hunger in the city of Needles, Chryssikos ingratiatingly interjects himself into their discussion promising, “Rick Daniels will use his economic experience to guide Needles forward. Gone will be the days that Needles does not get the lion’s share of tourism dollars. You will see a rebirth of the charm of beautiful Needles.”

A million dollar lawsuit by Peter Chryssikos against Morris Desert Radio for defamation is still winding its way through the courts. Key to the lawsuit is that Chryssikos claims he is not a public figure, therefore his privacy was offended to the tune of one million dollars. Radio talk show host Lee Rayburn exposed reports of Peter Chryssikos to thousands of listeners in the Coachella Valley. Chrysskos retained a local attorney who sued the radio station for harm Chryssikos claimed.

One of those claims of harm is that Chryssikos lost the friendship of Rick Daniels who Chryssikos said would no longer return his calls. This letter of endorsement dated August 8, 2013 suggests that relationship was never lost.

Chryss Protective Services is the primary business operated by Peter Chryssikos. The business has an “F” rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, Inc. a non-profit organization which began business in 1936. Prior to 2013, BCA operated as the Better Business Bureau of the Southland. The rating is based on a complex formula comprised of many different factors such as the type of business, length of time in business, licensing compliance, complaint history, and our overall experience with a company’s industry in general and relating to the company’s reliability.

After receiving these communications from Endorsers Eight the city council of Needles voted unanimously to hire Rick Daniels as city manager.

PDF of endorsement email from “The People” by Peter Chryssikos

Rick Daniels Central

Peter Chryssikos Info

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  1. When I heard the news on this guy I looked him up and it was bad news. Then I saw who he lived with, Karl Baker. Going further into my research I found articles the two of them were also good friends of Rick Daniels (DHS City Mgr). All three of these guys have been exposed for the low-life scum-bag men they are. There’s only one guy who got past the radar !!!! Ben Daniels. I’m sure his days coming. There’s a few other people still in DHS who haven’t been sought out or flat-out caught with the ties of corruption on their hands. I know exactly who they are. I’m just waiting for the rest of them to get the AXE. Their days are numbered and they know it to. Desert Hot Springs will get better this time around I’m confident of that.

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