Former City Councilman Hoped to Hide His Weiner Problem Applying for City Manager Job

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Karl Baker Applicant for Needles City Manager

Jan Pye, Scott Matas, Yvonne Parks and Karl Baker

Council members Jan Pye, Scott Matas, Yvonne Parks and true friend Karl Baker.

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – While it remains to be seen if former Congressman Anthony Weiner who was caught exposing his genitals sexting on the Internet can make a comeback in a race for New York city mayor, he is hanging it all out to revive his career. So too is a former Desert Hot Springs politician trying to overcome what he considers a similar small problem of inadequate proportions.

Former Desert Hot Springs Councilman Karl Baker, Jr. who was discovered soliciting sex from 18 year old boys (Baker is 71) with naked pictures of himself as a councilman hoped that unusual exposure was far enough behind him to land him a job as city manager of Needles, CA.

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former DHS councilman Karl Baker

former DHS councilman Karl Baker

The discovery comes with an email Baker wrote to the mayor and council members of Needles. Desert Vortex News has the email obtained through a public information request.

“In my interest to work for your City I traveled there over the 4th of July holiday weekend.  I saw nothing but possibilities,” wrote Karl Baker in an August 8, 2013 email to all members of the Needles city council.

Ultimately Karl Baker did not get the job. In fact, he withdrew his application when he discovered former Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels was also applying for the job. His application turned into an endorsement for Daniels.

“I readily admit that I, too, applied for the Manager opening in your City but – in a flash – would easily step aside for someone like Rick Daniels – a man with infinitely better qualifications,” wrote Baker.

Rick Daniels ended up being selected for the job. Desert Hot Springs has replaced Daniels on an interim basis with Robert Adams. The city begins a search for a full time city manager replacement within the next six months. It is not known if Karl Baker will apply for the Desert Hot Springs city manager position.

Karl Baker pic he admitted he posted on sex solicitation website.

Desert Vortex / Scio Media

Picture Karl Baker admitted he posted on sex solicitation website using his position as a council member to lure 18 year old boys.

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(Upcoming – More Needles endorsement letters.)

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6 thoughts on “Former City Councilman Hoped to Hide His Weiner Problem Applying for City Manager Job

  1. When I saw this I started laughing. I’m still laughing. This man is the most disgusting slob I’ve ever seen as a city councilman here in California or Nevada. I guess kissing Rick Daniels ass is going to somehow gain him a job down the road somewhere. Believe me… the Gay community in this Valley does NOT have any respect for people like this.

  2. Oh my. This is the person my wife and I saw acting out at the last council meeting we watched. He is the one that was sitting next to the people trying to talk to the city council and carrying on to disrupt them. It looks like he does not just act like a child. Disgusting that a 71 year old man would do such things. What is this world coming to!

  3. The man is sick and should be put into an insane asylum. He thinks he is brilliant, talented, and funny but the truth is the man is stupid. To bad that a few people still call him a friend for he does not know how to act like a real human being. Aside from his sexual preferences, he should just slowly sink out of the public eye and take Parks, Matas and Pye with him

  4. It is amazing to me how a man can be so self absorbed and so arrogant and yet dress like a hillbilly after an all night bender! He makes me so mad when he shows up in public and believes he should be exhalted. Why is his name on the wellness center plaque when he was long gone? And look at another thing too. If it wasn’t for this sloppy fool using his self perceived power wrongfully, people like his friends Jan Pye, or Pete Chrysstikos, or Skybourne would not have been targets. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for letting people speak on here.

  5. You misspelled weener. From the Urban Dictionary I offer the definition and hope you will be much more accurate in your reporting in the future.

    Weener (slang):
    An idiotic doofus. Much like dork, weener is a ‘penis’ insult.

    In other words, Karl Baker, Jr.

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