Rick Daniels Confirmed New Needles City Manager

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NEEDLES, CA – By a unanimous vote Tuesday night the Needles city council approved a three year contract with its new city manager, Rick Daniels. Daniels leaves a position in Desert Hot Springs where he lasted six years.

Needles California

Needles California

Needles Council Member Linda Kidd said after interviews with three potential candidates that Daniels appeared to be the best choice. She said she has personally “heard wonderful things about him” and that she had received “a ton of email in support of him.”

“We wanted someone that has the background of going out and finding money,” she said. “We liked what he had done in Desert Hot Springs. Sometimes it takes new eyes to see things.”

Needles Mayor Ed Paget had a few days before the vote encouraged the council members to do additional background research of Daniels indicating he has reservations about the selection. On Needles city council the mayor does not vote. Paget was only offering a recommendation.

“I understood we were a little tight with money; now I understand we may be spending quite a little money to bring in another person.” said Paget. This person has been presented as someone who would make his own salary. I hope they’re right about that. He certainly comes highly recommended by the present mayor at Desert Hot Springs,” Paget concluded.

“Of course there are always two sides,” said Kidd. “People have different opinions but I feel good with our choice.

The problems that Rick Daniels is leaving behind in Desert Hot Springs did not hurt the new city manager’s earnings. The contract with the city of Needles pays Daniels $197,000 with an increase of $10,000 in a year. Daniels contract with Desert Hot Springs was to be $195,000 next year.

Rick Daniels new responsibilities also includes that of Director of Public Utilities for the city of Needles.

Rick Daniels departure from Desert Hot Springs finds the city in a search for an interim city manager. According to a city press release, the city council was accepting applications for the interim position through yesterday. There has been no word on how many candidates have applied or who has applied.

In speaking with officials of Desert Hot Springs it is not clear what exactly is the last day of work for Rick Daniels in Desert Hot Springs except that he is leaving sometime in early September.

Officials in Needles were unable to say what exact day Rick Daniels begins his new job.

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7 thoughts on “Rick Daniels Confirmed New Needles City Manager

  1. Good luck to Needles and their rationale. But his new income makes me sick. The wheel of fortune never ends. Guess I missed my calling in a government job. And attorneys like Duran and Pickney to grease the contract skids. Hey Rick you got a security alarm job for Pete? Take him with you please.

  2. I feel sorry for Needles. Channel 2 has an exclusive interview which can be watched online here http://www.kesq.com/news/exclusive-interview-with-rick-daniels/-/233092/21480408/-/3x3jlyz/-/index.html in which he states they want economic development. They should have hired a monkey throwing darts at a dartboard to make decisions instead of this guy. His failure to answer in the interview a question regarding the failed music festival loss of 1/4 million where nobody read the contract is only one of many red flags. I guess no one up there in Needles knows how to access the internet. Sad that they wouldn’t research a bit. A city manager that was any good at all would make sure that he wasn’t approving contracts that state “not required to perform”. The music festival promoter was never required to perform, it was in writing, and Daniels signed away all 1/4 million taxpayer dollars without a thought.

  3. They asked for it now they have him. Wait until he pulls a couple of shady deals and spends money like it is going out of style. Of course the so called “Mayor” of DHS has nothing but praise for him as they are in cahoots with all the shady deals. Wait til he pulls a blunder like he did in buying the old Jewish Center that cost nothing but money, then the city of Needles will have to stand up to him and find out what the hell he is doing. And his salary is out of sight for such a small town. And yearly increases of 10,000 dollars — wow, who wouldn’t want a job like that.
    Maybe when he leaves he will take the motely crew of Parks, Matas and Pye with him. That would be wonderful.
    I hope that someone will be following his antics there and reporting them here or to the Desert Sun….

  4. I saw that interview. He blamed the city council for the music festival. Hey Mayor Parks how do you like them apples? He blamed you!

  5. Mayor Ed Paget of Needles said Daniels comes highly recommended by Mayor Parks. We will have to tune in to see how screwed up Needles becomes in a few years.

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