Rick Daniels Hired as Needles City Manager

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Former City Manager of Desert Hot Springs Moves On

Rick Daniels

Rick Daniels

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – The city will be losing Richard A Daniels as city manager when he takes the job to become city manager in Needles, California.

Popularly known in the Coachella Valley as “Rick” Daniels, just a few weeks ago he was rejected by Clackamas County Oregon in his bid for the job there as chief administrator.

The Needles City Council met with Daniels in executive session before the July 23 regular meeting, according to the Needles Desert Star. Daniels remained for the regular session of the council up until the announcement was made of his hiring.

Rick Daniels was top pick of 11 applications responding, after the city announced it was seeking a manager, according to Council Member Linda Kidd as reported by the Desert Star.

Needles is a small desert city of less than 5,000 population and remotely located on Interstate 40 between Barstow and Arizona.

Daniels has served the community of Desert Hot Springs since 2007 and has placed himself in controversial fire for a number of issues as detailed on the Mother of all Rick Daniels Webpage.

Details about Daniels’ contract are not yet available as final contract provisions are to be brought before the Needles City Council in August.

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Dean M Gray

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Dean started in the newspaper business at the age of nine earning 90 cents a week walking 4 miles delivering a newspaper door to door. 500 miles later he began writing his way out of a paper bag and traveling uphill.

For over 40 years Dean has been published in a variety of small newspapers and magazines. As publisher he founded an alternative city weekly newspaper in 2008 and published over 200 uninterrupted issues over 4 years to over 20,000 readers via 800 locations (and online) before selling the business. Now online with over 4 million readers worldwide.

Dean is a Master Carpenter and the author of the biography of Hilda M Gray, desert homesteader. He served as Planning Commissioner for the city of Desert Hot Springs from January 2014 to January 2015 when he resigned.

Dean M Gray is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors and lives in Palm Desert, California.
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14 thoughts on “Rick Daniels Hired as Needles City Manager

  1. Well, the duck man will fly off to needles leaving a mess in his trail. All i have to say its a step down or maybe a cleaver move so he can retire with a big pension, not exactly a feather in his cap this time, but another one who rode into town collected big money and left the citizens holding the bag once again.

  2. That is the Best News. It is a start for the city. Now the Mayor is next and hopefully at least one counsel member. Scott Matas is first on my agenda. Then it’s time to cut the PYE. LOL… Jan Pye that is. Things are looking better.

  3. OOPS !!! I forgot… Needles is the center PIT of HELL. LOL… Right where he belongs. Ya know the old saying… about KARMA ??? Wish in one hand and SHIT in the other! See what you get… LOL

  4. Needles??????
    The man has lost his mind. If he thinks it is hot here wait ’til he spends a few months during the HOT summers there. Even the ducks don’t migrate that way as it is to hot for them.
    I feel this is a step down from DHS but then if he gets his pension from here and the little money he will be making there it will all add up.
    Keep your fingers crossed that Matas, Pye and Parks follow in his footsteps. Then Parks wont have to put on so much makeup as it will jus melt off in the heat.
    Please, please, Mr. Matas, Ms, Pye and the follies girl, Parks, please follow in his footsteps.

  5. OMG !!! LOL..LOL… I just read the Web Page of Rick Daniels that was attached to The Needles Desert Star News Paper. He really has something mentally wrong with him. That Web site he designed and orchestrated is so full of Bull-Shit and Lies it Isn’t funny. He actually said, he played a KEY ROLE in bringing more visitors to Palm Springs……. I’m so glad It’s over and he’s outta here. Now It’s Parks, Matas & Paye that need to get the Hell out of here ASAP ! Well so far Chief Williams ( aka: mr.corruption ) GONE! City Attorney Rubin Duran (aka: little snake) GONE ! and Now Rick Daniels (aka: mr. narcissistic ) GONE! One by one, their all going to get exactly what they deserve.

  6. After reading The Desert Sun this morning I got infuriated by the statement Mayor Parks made to the Sun. That she was HOLDING on to his resignation letter in hopes of Talking him out of leaving ??? Is she INSANE ? Or is she as Narcissistic as he is ? The Desert Sun failed deliberately to mention the city is on the edge of Bankruptcy due to Mr. Daniels failed managerial skills & accounting. This Mayor also went on to saying ” Praising his faithful service to the city” . She also says she can’t blame him for wanting to leave considering the treatment he’s been getting by a couple of councilmen, (Betts & Sanchez). This whole city of Desert Hot Springs better get it together and wipe the entire slate clean. This Mayor, Mr.Matas & Miss J Paye have NOT served the community honestly. Anybody & Everybody who lives here knows exactly whats been going on. None of these people have the Qualifications or the Education to hold the seats the now reside.
    Keep U-p the great reporting VORTEX. The Desert Sun doesn’t seem to print ALL the facts.

  7. In response to Mary Stevens comment to The Desert Sun here’s what you need to know so your no longer Ignorant of the Facts Mary . I see you are an Account at Las Casuelas Nuevas Restaurant. Working with numbers is something I have done for Investments & Profit for the last 42 years. Your praising of Mr. Daniels astounds me to say the least. That statement in itself shows a lack of responsibility that directly go back to you. Read Mary, Reporting journalists have a responsibility to us, the people to know the truth. They have done that with honesty & integrity concerning Mr. Daniels. Try to do the reading you have not done so far. Because if you really can be honest and stand-by someone who is nothing more than a manipulative, narcissistic and a major con man then the people you work for need to re-evaluate your position reguarding financial decisions. And that Mary is a Fact.

    • Very true Darryl, Marys turn on the council was indeed color full no less full of corruption backroom deals costing the city buckets of money ,no sidewalks,no parks leading to here demise on the council what a shame .If it was not for nosy people asking the what where and when look what council would be doing robbing us blind $5 .oo for a blt of water is just the start to the other end of spend spend spend Jewish temple the pink elephant the show must go on from a po box the councils track record except for Betts and Sanchez is a black mark on them all .I could not expect more from you in that case to say it was a job well done for him to leave the city one step from going broke and you an accountant

  8. The man is not stupid. He’s will eventually retire very well off. For now he can go get himself a house with a boat dock and ride out on the Colorado River on weekends from his back yard. He will drive up to Laughlin and enjoy some shows, gambling, and fine dining. He will get himself a 4×4 and go off roading all around there. Winters are awesome there. Snowbirds will flock back in from all over, and he will have nice dinner parties with a gorgeous view of the mountains, desert, and sparkling river waters. He will invite all his friends from DHS council and illegal security companies to have a beer with him on his patio while gazing at the stars which you can see out there. He will be glad to be away from the dysfunctional city of spas, and the pit called the downtown vortex, which is something he managed poorly, but did not create on his own. Daniels bashers will remain in the pit.

  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but what about the artifacts from Cabot’s museum? These were supposedly kept under lock and key by Jason Simpson (now gone thank goodness) and Rick Daniels. Who has the contents of all of this and where is located? Now that Rick Daniels is leaving, is he taking everything with him? It seems that this is an item that has been forgotten and I think that we should know who has what and what are the contents. And if Rick Daniels is the only one who knows anything about it then he should have the decency to let the public know who has it and what it all contains before he departs our city.

  10. Who is looking after things like Cabots treasures is there a list available of whats locked up? Or is it the story of the Fox looking after the hen house? Is no one accounting for these when he leaves, shame on the council. He could walk off with these items, or these artifacts could have aspirated already into the vortex never to be found or accounted for and come under the famous quote of a “staff oversite”.

    There needs to be more accountability, we are looking for more Leaders in November to join the few the two on the dais to show the Tax payers to which we in power you to lead to actually lead and not slip back in the same old ways. Mathis, Pye and Parks you inspire the same old ways, no leadership your looks on the dais you look board and the comments on your faces when you are challenged are classic am looking forward to November /December when you are no longer there.

  11. Now that the law firm that the city has hired to look into the so called misconduct of two of the city council members have not been warranted, Rick Daniels, who is leaving for Needles not soon enough, should have to pay the 77,000 dollars that the law firm has charged to the city. It was stupid and childish of Daniels and he knows it. With his attitude he should pay the bill for it. Lets hope he does the same thing in Needles and see where that will lead him.
    Good riddance and I hope he cost the city of Needles a lot of money that they cant afford….

  12. I would like to float the idea of asking for the money back from “The Duck Daniels” that’s at least $144000 wow would pay i guess for a great Christmas parade and i would figure 2 years worth and a good going away present to the city .
    And that the the next City’s manager pay should be linked to performance ,good idea i think and prove his value
    As the Grinch who is not going to give the residents a Christmas parade if it happens , Mayor Parks if she has not been booted out should not be invited so we would not have to look at her again

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