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Music Festival Finally Arrives!

Glife at 2 Bunch Palms

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – It looks like that much anticipated big-name feature music event has finally arrived in the city. A free event billed as a “pool party” is scheduled this weekend at the Two Bunch Palms Resort featuring music magic and art installations.  An impressive number of Rap, Hip Hop and Club Music fans are scheduled to be entertained by 6 music groups plus special guests.

One special guests just announced is blastin’ Money Mark of the infamous Beastie Boys. Another special guest is the tasty musican/band known as Sahtyre now enjoying the hit “LSD (Prelude)”  We found the exclusive of that with the announcement only recently appearing on their Facebook page.



Top bill - Redman

Expect this to be a medically fueled mini-festival since the sponsor – GPen – is a business that manufactures a device that vaporizes medical marijuana for smokeless consumption.

Word went out like da bomb to invite the 39,532 Facebook Friends of GPen. Thousands more have received invitations via social media of music acts, art fans and Coachella Festival goers.

Word from insiders at city hall is that City Manager Rick Daniels personally approved the event plus awarded the music festival a special exemption to not have to adhere to the city noise ordinance. So, music lovers are kicking out the jams and will party on ’cause the decibel meter will not be in attendance this time around.


Method Man

Method Man

For all of you over the age of 25 and not in the know, G-life is defined in the Urban Dictionary as referring “to the grimy life. Pronounced geee life with an elongated eeeee sound.”

The free event will be attracting all those music fans unable to pay the steep price of admission for the Coachella Festival also happening this weekend.  Tickets for Coachella still appear available online as low as $377 for the three-day event. Nearly 80,000 people are expected to attend each day of the event.

Word is Out

Word has gone out as far as San Diego folks thanks to the UTSanDiego website as an invite to the Glife festivities midst a listing tagged as the Ultimate Coachella Party Guide alongside Filter Y aught Club Party (invite only, undisclosed location) the Vegas Desert Party at Renaissance Esmeralda, Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs Music Lounge, F21 Desert Disco at Saguaro Hotel, Lacost L!ive Coachella Party (undisclosed location) Neon Carnival (undisclosed location) SPIN House at Ace Hotel, Volt Valley (undisclosed location) Vestal Village (5 miles from Empire Polo Grounds) to name a few.

Music fans in Desert Hot Springs and neighbors of the resort will enjoy this special treat, not having to travel to the east end of the valley for round the clock musical entertainment.

This appears to be quite a high octane party as the event has scheduled unusual hours beginning Friday evening at 11:00 P.M. going full blast all through the night until 3:00 P.M. on Saturday. It looks like this is aiming to be one of those impossible to miss events.

RSVP or Not

Although the promoter states on the Facebook Page that “RSVP is mandatory” via a link to Eventbrite, the promoter also warns that “RSVP does not guarantee entrance”  for participants twenty-one and over.  I’m forecasting that is much too heavy for most of us to ponder for longer than a second or two. Better to rely on social media to clear that up. Much of the promotion is handled by the Twitter handle @gpen.

Project Show Las Vegas SSUR Installation

Project Show Las Vegas SSUR Installation

Feast your eyes on this music lineup sure to delight your ears: RedmanMethodManGhostface KillahThe Gaslamp KillerTokimonsta, and Thee Mike B who promotes his unique act at the resort as “Party Time In The Motherfucking Desert part 1.”

Dats Bad Azz

Also showing CLUB 75 Pop-Up Shop (Ed Banger Records and La MJC) and Dr. Romanelli Grotto of which not much information is available.

We can inform you that art presented by Bert Rodriguez Art Installation, CLOT Festivities and SSUR Installation will please your eyes, mind and other senses if you are conscious or otherwise.

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