Where Are Cabots Museum Treasures?

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Rick Daniels Removed Artifacts from Cabots Museum by Armored Car and Stored in City Buildings

Peter Chryss Provided Security Alarms for Buildings

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – It was like something out of an Indiana Jones’ movie when it was discovered that the fascinating collection of objects on display at the Cabots museum were worth an untold amount of money.

The city’s police were apprised of the situation and armed guards were quickly contracted and placed on duty 24/7 to protect the artifacts.

Television news was on hand to capture all of the excitement along with this investigative reporter who personally chronicled the pre-dawn arrival of an armored car sent to collect the most valuable of Cabots artifacts to take off-site for supposed safe-keeping.

Not long after Desert Hot Springs city manager Rick Daniels began his job he identified the most valuable possessions the city owned and hauled them off to an unknown location.

In fact, nobody seems to know where the treasures from the Cabots Pueblo Museum are now being stored.  It’s become a secret that the sands of time have buried in this small, poor, and windy city situated on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.

The report about the exceedingly high value of Cabots goods was delivered by an appraiser who traveled from the Midwest to take a look.  He peeked inside the building and notified the city that artifacts he found be residing in the small, dusty and extremely unprotected museum were indeed “priceless.”

To put it into perspective, some of the goods are worth millions of dollars; but the designation of “priceless” places an even greater value on them.  The Smithsonian Museum expressed interest, as well as the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum.

But, the big question is, where are the Cabots Pueblo Museum’s treasures today?

Since 2009, the Desert Star Weekly submitted dozens of public records requests to the city in an effort to solve this growing mystery.

Documents requested include an inventory of the artifacts removed from the museum, the appraisal report, transportation and storage receipts, invoices, and financial disclosure statements related to the artifacts.

The Desert Star Weekly published an article titled “VORTEX SECRETS REMAIN SECRET – Pope of City Keeps History Obscured” comparing Rick Daniels to the Pope keeping Catholic secrets at the Vatican.

After more than two years, the city has not released one single document in response to our requests.

It is of great concern to us and poses even more questions as to the fate of these priceless treasures.

Rick Daniels and Peter Chryss Rick Daniels and Peter Chryss

And what exactly were Cabots treasures?  Photographs were forbidden inside Cabots earthwork fortress.  Unlike the pioneer who was fond of sharing his art and collectables, Rick Daniels has blazed a different trail – hiding and keeping secrets.

The only lead we have to go on is a cryptic statement Rick Daniels slipped out that suggested Cabots treasures are being stored in city buildings.

Could these be the same buildings “secured” by Peter Chryss, the unlicensed contractor (and convicted felon) running Chryss Home Automation and who is figuring prominently in the Karl Baker Affair?  Only Daniels knows, and he’s not talking on advice of his attorney, David Baron, who is also the attorney for Chryss.

Maybe Mayor Yvonne Parks knows the whereabouts of the priceless artifacts.  After all, Parks signed the checks to pay for the costs of the appraisal, guards, armored car, transportation, storage, and the (Peter Chryss) security systems for the treasures belonging to Desert Hot Springs.

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